Information for Parents


TERM 1 - Ends 2nd April 2015
TERM 2 - Monday 20th April - Friday 3rd July
TERM 3  - Monday 20th July- Friday 25th September
TERM 4 -  Monday 12th October - Friday 18th December


Term 1
Where & When
20th March
Room 6
Room 4 Shared Prayer
23rd March
School Closed
Otago Anniversary Day
24th March
SPC Church
27th March
Room 6
Room 1 Assembly

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Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4

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 School times
9.00 am - School starts
11.00 am - 11.20 am - Morning Tea
12.30 - 1.30 pm - Lunchtime
3.00 pm - School Finishes
Children are encouraged not to arrive before 8.30 am
 Reporting to Parents

Term 1 - Parent/teacher interviews
Term 3 - Conferences
Term 4 - Written report
If your child is to be away on a certain day please advise the school.  A quick phone call will suffice.  We insist on this so that we can account for each pupil each day.
 Access to Teachers
Staff are always willing to discuss issues relevant to individual children and parents should approach the staff member to arrange a suitable time.  After discussion with the teacher, if you require follow-up please do not hesitate to contact the Principal.
Children may buy "Easy Lunch" healthy lunches daily.  Money is to be sent in a named envelope and placed in the drop off box at reception before 9.30 am.  Orders are delivered at lunch time.  No pupil is allowed to leave the school grounds to buy lunch.
 Illness or Accidents
The School provides a sick bay for use in emergencies.  In the event of a serious illness/accident the school reserves the right to phone an ambulance if it deems it necessary.
Girls - white blouse or white polo shirt, standard blue school jersey, blue tartan pinafore, white socks and brown or black low heeled school shoes.  Navy tights and white or navy skivvy may be worn in term 2, 3 & 4 (up to Labour weekend).  Blue polar fleece with school logo embroidered on may be worn in place of school jersey.  Long hair to be tied up.
The children will also need a paint shirt
(an old big T-shirt is ideal)

Boys - Standard blue school jersey, grey shirt or grey polo shirt, grey shorts, grey socks, black or brown school shoes.  In term 2, 3 and 4 (up to Labour weekend) plain navy blue fleece or fleece lined navy pants may be worn and white or navy skivvy.  Blue polar fleece with school logo embroidered on may be worn in place of school jersey.

Sports - School sports uniform tops and shorts.  (Available from school office) Navy track pants may be worn in terms 2, 3 & 4.

Sunhats - uniform blue or maroon sunhats from Postieplus.  Staff and children are encouraged to wear sunhats during terms 1 & 4.

Shoes - Black, brown or navy sandals can be worn in terms 1 & 4.  Watches and stud earrings are the only jewellery permitted to be worn at school for safety reasons.
 Attendance Dues
Attendance dues are charged by the Diocese for all integrated school pupils.  These compulsory attendance dues are $105.00 per pupil per term for primary pupils.  .

Activity Donation
The school asks for an activity cost donation,  for activities such as  school outings, performances, photocopying and computing.  Amounts are varied, and set according to activities undertaken. Requested donation for 2015 is $80.00.

Staionery Packs and lists are available from school

Support network
The school received regular visits from a number of agencies who are able to help your child.  We have regular contact with the Vision and Hearing Testers, Speech Therapist, Health Nurse and back up support from Special Education Psychological Services and Resource Teachers of Reading.

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